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Source: BBC Good Food 

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or a meatitarian... these Ultimate Veggie Burgers are sure to have your mouth watering. So fire up that grill, and celebrate National Veggie Burger Day in style! 

Nutrition Per Serving: 

kcal 300   fat 5g   saturates 1g   carbs 51g   sugars 17g   protein 8g   sodium 0.1g

Servings: 4


Burger Patties:

2 tsp vegetable oil

1 small onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, chopped

2 large Portobello mushrooms, finely chopped

2 small sweet potatoes, peeled & diced

150g cooked quinoa

1 large beetroot, grated

1 egg, beaten 

2 tbsp chopped corainder

zest 2 limes 

4 tbsp plain flour

Carrot Slaw: 

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When you're planning to buy a home a lot of planning and prep work needs to occur. To help avoid any hiccups along the way, here are some tips to get started and stay on track with your budgeting and savings plan. 


Your debt is obviously working against you. It’s eating up your available funds, and as you pay it lower and lower, and ultimate rid yourself of it – it’s going to improve your credit rating. First thing’s first: Eliminate your debt. Credit Cards, Loans, Lines of Credit etc.


With the above, you should know where your credit stands. Check this before you start focusing on your debt, and after you pay your debt off, see the difference this makes, and maintain a strong credit rating. This…

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Source: Vanessa Milne, Readers Digest Canada

When the kids have moved on, and you’re left with a big house it’s easy to see the appeal of moving from a big space to something more compact that requires less maintenance. But the whole process requires a lot of careful planning to not overwhelm yourself when it’s time to actually make the move. Here are seven tips to make sure you find the right fit.

Be realistic about your budget.

Many people associate downsizing with being less expensive. But that’s often not the case. Many bungalows and condominiums are becoming quite pricy. If you’re relying on the sale of your existing home to be your nest egg, perhaps consider a less expensive location.

Don’t get caught by unexpected costs. 

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Whether it be a seasonal cottage, a year-round cottage, or your full-time home - a waterfront property is often a dream for many! If you’re lucky enough to make this a reality there are some questions you should consider prior to signing on the dotted line.

Avoid pesky unwanted surprises after closing by ensuring you know what you’re getting into with a waterfront property. Being local realtors and residents in a waterfront community, we have the knowledge and expertise you can count on to help you navigate purchasing your waterfront property.

Here, we break down the main questions you should ask about the waterfront property you’re considering purchasing:

  1. What is the shoreline like? – Is it sandy, rocky, rabbles, weedy, mucky? What are you…
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The "unofficial" start of summer is here! The Victoria Day long weekend (May 2-4) is widely known to be the weekend that kicks off summer. The weather is (usually) great, spring cleaning is done, the winter jackets are away, and the patios are set... So what are some ideas for this weekend you ask? We're going to cover a little of everything - we're sure you will find something to do depending on the location you're looking! 

So, why not celebrate the Victoria Day Long Weekend the way it was meant to be.... Outdoors, at the lake, on the dock, by the fire, in the boat, under the stars, with great music, in an amazing environment, on a patio sipping drinks, and surrounded by amazing friends and family. Whether you're planning a day trip or a weekend…

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Who doesn't love a little Trivia? Try your hand at these Real Estate Trivia game and see how many you know! 

1. Which Restaurant could actually be considered one of the best Real Estate Portfolios in the world? 

2. Which Canadian Company owns the most Real Estate across our great country? 

3. In Scotland, homeowners paint their door this colour to signify when they've paid off their mortgage

4. Think your home is small? The average home in most developing countries is ___ Square Feet

5. Which season is the busiest time for home sellers and buyers? 

6. Which famous home is worth more? - The Home Alone House? or The Friends Apartment? 

7. Listings with these two 'descriptive words' have been found to sell 15% faster, and for 5% more…

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There are Two Ways Realtors Work: 

1. Transactional

To many Realtors it's purely business, and purely transactional. The realtors that work purely on numbers, identifying clients, closing the deal and then moving on to the next one. 

2. Referral 

Taking time to nurture your relationship with your clients, get to know them, really care for them and have their best interests at heart. Maintain a relationship with them after the deal has closed. And because they took the time to care and make their clients a priority, those clients are happy to refer them to their friends and family because of the outstanding service and care. 

Why We Choose to Work by Referrals: 

Since our primary source of new business is referrals from people who know…

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Invest in Ontario’s most popular four-season resort with activities for all ages, all interests, and all skill levels. Relax and let your stresses melt away, or take part in a high-adrenaline outdoor activity! With more than 2 million visitors per year, you can bet your investment will be a smart one at Blue Mountain.

Review some of Blue Mountain’s existing resort condos here to become more informed with the choice that’s right for you. Purchase primarily as an investment and allow the team at Blue to do the work for you, or block out some dates for yourself too!

Sierra Lane Condos

Situated directly across from the Village Conference Centre, Sierra Lane Condos is just on the other side of the first fairway of Monterra. One of the original…

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Spring and Summer at Blue Mountain

Are you looking to get out this summer, explore, adventure, hike, bike, kayak or do just about ANYTHING outdoors? Look no further than right here at The Blue Mountains and area! Just 2 hours from Toronto, 1 Hour from Barrie, and 50 minutes from Owen Sound, The Blue Mountains is accessible for all be it a day trip, weekend getaway, or your next vacation home!

Whether you prefer to keep your feet on the ground or soar through the skies, there’s something for everyone in and around Blue.

Here are just some of the adventures you can experience this spring and summer at Blue Mountain:

Apex Bag Jump (On Resort)

Take a leap of faith on the Apex Bagjump. Work your way up to the maximum height of 6.5 meters (21…

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It’s now spring, the water is warming up (so we hope!) and the Real Estate Market is waking up from it’s winter slumber! What are the trends and the expectations we are seeing for this Spring Market?

What We’re Expecting:

We expect real estate in our area, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Meaford and Clearview to remain strong in 2018 despite the cooling of sales and home prices. The past couple years have been rigours and challenging to navigate for both buyers and sellers.

In 2018 we are looking forward to working together from the perspective of ‘right sizing’, ‘investing’ and ‘building our communities’. We are expected to see balance in our marketplace.

According to CMHA the market may cool in certain price points or…

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