Getting Outside Safely During a Pandemic

Posted by Jen Scholte Team on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 at 12:53pm.

This piece was written by Melissa Barrett, Sales Representative with the Jen Scholte Team. Melissa is enthusiastic about staying active and is always sure to keep The Jen Scholte Team accountable for their daily steps and inspired by her can-do attitude! Here, Melissa shares how she keeps positive and motivated during our most recent lockdown and hopes that you will join in on the 'get outside' movement.

We’re here. We’re all in this together, but separately. Something we’ve been hearing and saying for nearly a year now. But what does that mean?... 

It means we’re all experiencing the same shifts in our lives. We’re all staying home more, and we’re all missing the ability to hug a friend or a loved one. 

But what if I told you that you can still get outside, you can still enjoy the feeling of the sunshine on your face, the cool winter breeze passing you by, and the beauty that is nature covered in fresh white fluffy snow? What if I told you that despite the times you can still find ways to get out, live life, be positive and happy?? 

The recent news a week or so ago about our ‘stay-at-home’ order here in Ontario was confusing to say the least. But one thing I learned is that the police aren’t going to chase us down for doing things we can do alone, or with a family member - or even a friend at a distance. Walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and in some areas still - ice skating and tobogganing.


I have two questions for you… 

  • How much time have you spent outdoors lately? 

  • How have you been feeling? 

These two questions coincide with each other. I can almost bet I can predict the responses: 

Typical Response 1: 

  • I’ve only been out to get groceries or medical supplies. 

  • I’m exhausted, anxious, depleted, and am lacking energy or desire to do anything. 

Typical Response 2: 

  • I’ve been trying to get out a few times a week for a walk, snowshoe, or to take the kids tobogganing at our local hill. 

  • I’m doing OK. I have my ups and downs, but overall I’m managing well. 

Did you notice the difference?? 

That’s because Fresh Air, and Vitamin D are good for you! Your body needs them. Both mentally and physically. Depriving yourself of these two free things can have serious negative effects on your overall mental state, and eventually your physical health as well. And they’re things that we can still do while being safe! We’re allowed to get out for exercise and mental health. 

Studies have shown that getting outside can benefit us in so many ways, and thus, could help us shift our mindset to a different approach while we fight through however long is left in this state of emergency, and flattening of the proverbial curve. 

Vitamin D is known to help our overall mood, fight depression, and even battle cancer and osteoporosis. Fresh air and sunshine can help HEAL the body faster than without. Did you know that sunshine can actually even decrease the amount of pain we feel while healing? Being active outside can increase our serotonin levels - thus reiterating my first comment here of mood and mindset enhancement and can also improve your ability to focus! Being out in nature also promotes brain activity to keep us mentally active and is another sign towards fighting depression. Plus, the social aspect of being outside is something that a lot of people worry about - but even just waving and saying hello to a neighbourly passerby as you give each other an adequate amount of space can be a ‘pick me up’ during these days of social distancing. 

So this week, I challenge you to get outside more, stay safe, stay distanced but get out, and get moving. Your mental and physical state will thank you! Watch the change come from the inside out. 

Being positive doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and rainbows 24/7- it means having an optimistic outlook that while things may not be great today, they will get better and ultimately everything will be OK. So my second challenge, is to feel some positivity in a gloomy situation. Know that we will get through this, and we will come out the other side stronger for the steps we’ve taken to better our lives and our mental capacity. 

Melissa’s Motto for 2021 is POSITIVITY! 

May you feel it, may you know it, and may you share it. 

Stay safe, and stay healthy. 


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