International Women's Day - Celebrating the Women Behind The Jen Scholte Team

Posted by Jen Scholte on Friday, March 6th, 2020 at 2:10pm.

international womens day jen scholte team century 21

This Sunday, March 8th is International Women's Day. In honour of celebrating International Women's Day, we wanted to highlight and ask some questions for the women who are at work behind (and in front) of the Jen Scholte Team.

The Jen Scholte Team Century 21

Jen Scholte

  • Who is a woman that inspires you? I'm inspired every day to push my boundaries, learn something new, do something scary and to be the best I can be. My Mom, Wilma and my Mother in Law, Bev are truly beautiful women who are amazing role models as both women and moms. I love the relationship that I have and cherish the time we spend together. Lacey and Melissa, my team members work so hard and are dedicated to all that they do each day. I love the commitment they make to their goals and dreams.

  • What is your favourite way to rejuvenate and take time for yourself? I love being busy, always running and packing my day with productivity. Getting outside for a breath of fresh air has that instant impact. I start my day with a nice long walk with my dog Katie. This gives me a chance to settle into my day. When it's all about me I pause my day and go to Sanctuari, for a restoring yoga or meditation class. I also LOVE to ride my bike, in the woods, on the road or travelling Europe on 2 wheels.

  • What is the last book that moved you that you would recommend to other women? The last book that really got me moving was Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. We were on a Caribbean holiday reading on the beach and I didn't even make it through the prologue when she said the things we say yes to need to be "Hell, Yeah! I'm doing this!" I literally got up and went and signed up to get my Scuba License.

  • What motivates you to do your best work? I'm motivated by having an organized mind, planned day and set to-do list! I love to track what I do so I can see my progress and stay committed to the big picture. If I really need a boost then booking a holiday kicks my motivation into full gear. Perhaps it’s having deadlines, the deadline of needing to be at the airport! My work is impeccable and completed with focus. I also settle at my desk to work with a cup of tea and just work away on my computer.

  • What is 1 goal you are currently working towards? I'm in the process of building my team, my business and writing a book! My manuscript is due March 30th so it's coming up quickly. We love goals around here and together keep each other accountable and motivated.


Melissa Barrett

  • Who is a woman that inspires you?  - In a business sense, Jen Scholte inspires me. Truthfully, she's given me the push to be where I am today. I've always admired her work ethic combined with community involvement. Her desire to understand people on a deeper level and help them whether it be through her Real Estate business or however needed. She's a giver, and I really look up to that. Personally, I am truly inspired by Sarah Landry better known as @thebirdspapaya to her Instagram following. She is an influencer but in a different sense. She advocates for body positivity, mental health and awareness, and self-acceptance/self-love, and individuality. I think she's doing a great thing in a world where society advocates 'perfectionism' being successful. She is raw, real and a true indicator of success and self love in the journey.

  • What is your favourite way to rejuvenate and take time for yourself? - During the summertime, I love to get outdoors, hike, rollerblade, be near the water. Southern Georgian Bay offers so many opportunities for that. When I'm not outdoors, I like to keep active at my favourite gym, HotBod Fitness in Barrie or playing rec league volleyball, and when my body tells me 'its time' - I stop into Basic Anatomy for a restorative deep tissue massage.

  • What is the last book that moved you that you would recommend to other women? - 'The Book of Awesome' is a really simple book, easy to pick up and drop as needed. It's a book full of every day awesome tidbits of our lives. From as simple as "getting the first cup of a fresh pot of coffee" to bigger monumental moments as celebrating major life's successes. It's a great motivator and reminder that, in a world that moves so quickly, to remember to pause and appreciate the little things.

  • What motivates you to do your best work? - I thrive on two things... keeping myself busy, and finding solutions for people. I love to learn about people's goals and then get hard to work helping them achieve those goals. Whether it be in business, or in my personal life. Being an empath I truly feel the things my friends, family and colleagues are going through. These two things go hand-in-hand, as I feel that if I'm helping people on a regular basis, I'm keeping busy. I'm always looking to elevate myself and I truly believe that you elevate yourself by elevating others.

  • What is 1 goal you are currently working towards? - I will give business and a personal goal here.... personally, I'm working towards being able to work my absolute hardest throughout the year, and rewarding myself with some time to travel. At 33 years of age, I truly wish I had travelled more in my earlier years. So thus, I've vowed to get out and see more of the world. This year, I'm working on getting home to Newfoundland to visit my family I haven't seen in 3 years, and also planning my first ever trip to Costa Rica.... business-wise, I'm working on achieving a specific award status level within my Brokerage, and by achieving that - I should be able to achieve my travel goals as well!! My goals typically coincide with each other. Hard work = reward.


Lacey Ward

  • Who is a woman that inspires you? I am constantly feeling inspired by women, each day I hear or witness something new and feel inspired for many different reasons so this is always evolving for me. However, I am always inspired by my teammates working hard and putting themselves out there each day! 

  • What is your favourite way to rejuvenate and take time for yourself? My favourite thing to do that is always a mood-booster is to go take in our beautiful surroundings, whether that's a hike, a walk or a day by the water. I also love to take a walk downtown Thornbury and visit all of the local businesses.

  • What is the last book that moved you that you would recommend to other women? Linchpin by Seth Godin, this is a great book for anyone that has ever questioned if they feel they "fit" into typical job roles. Linchpin encourages you to use your unique strengths and qualities in your work life. It is a great read whether you are an employee or self-employed! 
    I also would recommend podcast - “Where Should We Begin” and “How’s Work” by Esther Perel. (Have a notepad handy because you are going to want to take notes)!

  • What motivates you to do your best work? Meeting my self-set goals, small or big, which also requires setting small goals for myself each day. It could be to show up as my best self today, cross everything on my list today, or successfully redirect an off mood. 

  • What is 1 goal you are currently working towards? Creating a feeling of balance throughout different aspects of my life, a balance between work and fun, and productiveness and relaxation, social time and alone time.
    Would you be surprised if I said I was a Libra? 

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy International Women's Day to all of the women in our lives, thank you for all that you do!

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