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What better topic to begin Our Future at Home blog  with than a look at the infamous QR Code.  Although they have been around for a while, up until the early 2020's I'm going to suggest that most people either had not heard of them or didn’t give them a second thought.  Flash forward a year or so and now they are an everyday part of our life.  Whether it be to demonstrate vaccination status, perusing a restaurant menu, or to activate or find instruction on new purchases and technology, the QR code is a standard go to.  Despite QR Codes being common you shouldn’t worry if you still find them confusing… you are not alone. 


In plain English,  A QR Code is a strange graphic image which consists of black squares, dots, and squiggly lines which can…

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Beginning January we will be exploring the homes of the future.  What will a smart home look like?  How will technology be used holistically in a home and in our lives?  How do you incorporate the future into existing homes and how do you build with the future in mind? Jen and I (Mike) are always thinking outside the box in our business and our lives and we want to share some of our adventures with technology in a fun, informative, and perhaps nerdy kind of way.  Join us as we integrate the new smart world into our homes and activities we enjoy.  

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