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Our goal is to make navigating our website and home searching as seamless as possible for our clients. For your convenience, we will keep all of our most recent listings in this post. Feel free to bookmark it or refer to it as needed, we will be keeping it refreshed and up to date! If you have any questions regarding any of our listings you can contact us directly at 705-444-4949 or jen@scholtehomes.com. 

313 Holden Street, Collingwood

8 Highlands Crescent, Collingwood

 49 Natures Trail, Wasaga Beach


83 Foley Crescent, Collingwood

7759 Poplar Sideroad, Clearview


If you have any questions or would like to book a virtual consultation for any of our new listings contact Jen Scholte, Broker at…

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August Book Club - July Review

Hello and welcome to our August edition of the Jen Scholte Team Book Club.

July Review - Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman 

Thank you for joining us for our August edition of the Jen Scholte Team Book Club. In the Month of July we read The Alter Ego Effect by  Todd Herman

I love this book and the idea behind an “Alter Ego”. It is something that I believe we all do naturally in some sense as children but don't necessarily dig deeper into why or what we are doing. Whether it's growing up playing sports, pretending to be your favourite player and trying to emulate their skills when you are with your friends in the backyard or Looking up to role models and celebrities while trying to mimic their…

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We are shifting into a new 'normal' as we see the work from home model being adopted by many businesses. This allows people to come north and live further from their workplace, saving commute time and increasing the need for a home office and sufficient Internet.  

Some things to consider if your new remote work schedule allows you to work from home and relocate is - does your next home need to meet the 'work from home' requirements?
If you will be working from home let your REALTOR® know, there are many things that should be considered when house hunting to allow you to conduct business from home.  

The Jen Scholte Team has an abundance of relocation experience and is prepared to check off your work from home requirements for your next move! 

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