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Posted by Melissa Barrett on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 10:12am.

Who doesn't love a little Trivia? Try your hand at these Real Estate Trivia game and see how many you know! 

1. Which Restaurant could actually be considered one of the best Real Estate Portfolios in the world? 

2. Which Canadian Company owns the most Real Estate across our great country? 

3. In Scotland, homeowners paint their door this colour to signify when they've paid off their mortgage

4. Think your home is small? The average home in most developing countries is ___ Square Feet

5. Which season is the busiest time for home sellers and buyers? 

6. Which famous home is worth more? - The Home Alone House? or The Friends Apartment? 

7. Listings with these two 'descriptive words' have been found to sell 15% faster, and for 5% more money than listings without

8. What is the top selling House Colour? 

9. Research shows that more than ___ of Canadians own their home: 

        a) 50%

        b) 67%

        c) 25% 

        d) 33% 

10. What is the average age of a First Time Home Buyer in Canada? 

        a) 27

        b) 25

        c) 29

        d) 31

 11. What is the average price paid for a home in Canada this time last year? 

        a) $450,900

        b) $378,749

        c) $642,300

        d) $530,304


We hope you didn't peek!! Here are your answers. Feel free to share how you did in the comments, and share this trivia game with your friends! 


1. McDonalds, 2. CP Rail, 3. Red, 4. 75sqft, 5. Spring, 6. Friends, 7. Beautiful, Gorgeous, 8. Yellow, 9. 67%, 10. 29, 11. $530,304

Fun Facts about these answers: 

McDonalds started as a single Burger joint, but instead of flipping burgers for their profits, McDonalds decided to franchise out the business, buy the land of all the locations and have the franchisee do the work while they reap the benefits! 

Here in Canada, CP Rail is the largest land owner in the country! Their railways and former railways (now trail systems) span all across this great country! 

The average home size in many developing countries is 75 square feet! Could you imagine you and your family living, eating, sleeping in a space the size of your bedroom?? 

The market heats up during Spring, as the warmer weather comes and people begin looking for a change. It's also a great time for families with school-aged kids to start looking so they can purchase, have their closing date, move and get settled all before a new school year starts! 

Descriptive words such as 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' give the home a welcoming feeling, Who doesn't want their home to be gorgeous and beautiful? 

It's true! Yellow homes sell more! Yellow tones are happy, they make a potential buyer feel good. 

While the average Sale Price across Canada this time last year was $530,304, here in Southern Georgian Bay, our average is more around the $375,000 - $450,000 range. 





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