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Collingwood Patiolicious

We love supporting our local businesses! South Georgian Bay offers such a variety of gems from delicious restaurants to wonderful locally made health and beauty products. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

As we continue to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, we encourage you to get out and experience local patios as part of Collingwood’s Patiolicious event. With expanded patios at local restaurants, eateries, cafes and craft breweries, there is ample opportunity to get out and enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Here are links to the participating patios:

  • Black Bellows Brewing Co.
  • Collingwood Brewery
  • Espresso Post
  • Espresso Post Petit
  • Fig and Feta
  • Fish and Sips
  • Georgian…
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August Book Club - July Review

Hello and welcome to our August edition of the Jen Scholte Team Book Club.

July Review - Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman 

Thank you for joining us for our August edition of the Jen Scholte Team Book Club. In the Month of July we read The Alter Ego Effect by  Todd Herman

I love this book and the idea behind an “Alter Ego”. It is something that I believe we all do naturally in some sense as children but don't necessarily dig deeper into why or what we are doing. Whether it's growing up playing sports, pretending to be your favourite player and trying to emulate their skills when you are with your friends in the backyard or Looking up to role models and celebrities while trying to mimic their…

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Throughout our region, we have some fantastic camping spots for you to check out the next time you decide to go exploring and cooking over the open fire. Here, we review some nearby campgrounds with Ontario Parks and what you can expect at each. 

Earl Rowe Provincial Park: Alliston, ON

Earl Rowe Provincial Park has 4 camp areas, along with a day use space. This park offers both electric and non-electric sites, and also a section for radio-free if you want to camp with a little extra peace and quiet. At Earl Rowe, you also have access to a comfort station with laundry and shower facilities. 

The park itself is situated around a small lake area, with sandy beach access and water fun for all ages. You can also rent canoes. Earl Rowe does…

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Ontario Enters Step 1 of 3-Step Reopening Plan

Although initially predicted to begin the week of June 14, based on the vaccination rate and continuing improvements to key public health indicators, Ontario has moved into Step 1 of the 3-Step Reopening Plan as of 12:01 a.m. on Friday June 11, 2021.

What is Re-opening in Collingwood? and Is Wasaga Beach Open? What is Open at Blue Mountain? All things on everyone’s mind this weekend! I’m sure you’re as excited as we are about the freedom to socialize, stock up on amenities and perhaps find a pair of great sandals or a pair of shorts to kick off summer. Well, our local businesses have been getting ready for you! Patio permits are up, the sun is shining and plans are in the works welcome you to come…

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Tiny Township

Simcoe County offers a wide variety of beautiful communities and we want to take some time to showcase what these areas have to offer. Join Melissa as she tours her favourite spots in Tiny Township, where you can find waterfront properties, farmland, family subdivisions, beautiful tree-covered lots, and so much more. Whether you're looking for a cottage, investment, or family home, you will find it all here!

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The sun is shining and suddenly signs of summer are popping up.  Green grass, flowers, clean sand free roads, and… wait for it… Dandelions.   If I’m like many of you, these signs of summer signal a need to get outside for my annual spring clean up.  Whether you are considering listing your home or just making it long weekend ready, here are a few suggestions around greater curb appeal.  Why wait to feel fantastic about your castle.  

  1. Give  your home a good wash including siding, decks, and any walkways and sidewalks.  Power wash is best but a simple sweep will do just fine, especially in our area where we have plenty of sand and fields.

  2. Clean the windows and gutters including downspouts.

  3. Check, and get rid of any mold or…

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Its been a busy few weeks at Collingwood's town council.  One of the items passed was a fee for parking at both Sunset Point and Princeton Shores.  There is a great article Simcoe.com  which discusses these changes.  As you know these parks get quite busy in the summer months as visitors come to enjoy our community.  This has left many locals frustrated as there is limited parking available.  The motion passed will allow for a $10 per hour fee or $50 per day.  It is important to note that residents will not have to pay and 55 spots will be made available to residents on a first come, first serve basis.  Ok, so what about local out of town residents from neighboring communities?  The Town of Collingwood has also introduced a non-resident seasonal parking…

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Shocking news this week as the Town of Collingwood council officially paused new construction for a year over concerns the water treatment plant is running out of capacity.  There has been a lot of discussion over this decision and of course, opinions on how this will impact the community.  Here are some highlights from the Town of Collingwood's website (Town of Collingwood Council pauses development with interim control by-law - April 26, 2021)

  • An Interim Control By-law (ICBL) is a tool available to Ontario municipalities as part of the Planning Act that places a temporary “freeze” on specified types or locations of development while a municipality is studying or reviewing its land-use policies.
  • Collingwood’s ICBL generally restricts development…
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Does Your Home Have the ‘JOY’ Factor?

When it comes to the enjoyment homeowners gain from renovation projects, a fire feature and irrigation system tied for first place for a perfect JOY Score of 10! JOY Scores range between 1 and 10 and higher figures indicate greater joy from the project. 83% of homeowners who installed a fire feature said they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project, and 69% of homeowners who installed an irrigation system in their garden said they feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project.  There is no shortage of opportunities to enhance your landscape and to reap the benefits these upgrades provide.  However, if your budget is limited, but you still want to offer the JOY factor to…

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Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

As you may or may not know, this is Earth Week. If each of us took small steps towards a more eco-conscious community, we would go a long way to making our world a better place. We are fortunate to live in Canada. Our country offers so much natural beauty and healthy resources. Being eco-wise celebrates what we have been gifted and as good stewards, we pass along healthy values to our next generation. We are visitors of this planet and we need to practice “low impact camping.” Help us to leave our planet better than how we found it.   Here are seven ideas to put in place around your home:
  1. Plant a simple backyard garden - This is the perfect time to consider planting a simple garden…
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