Our Philosophy

Our clients and community partners connect with us to help them make decisions about where they are going, how to get there and to have a concise plan on what the process will be like. Can you imagine if your GPS said, “Oh, by the way you just turned right?” With our team we lay out a clear path and provide all the directions you need in order to make the best decision for you and your family. We give our clients hope by staying in touch, showing that we are working for them and by constantly keeping everyone updated along the journey. We celebrate too. With hard work and success together we can raise a glass and toast a job well done. This our wish for you and it’s the service that we deliver every day.

Community Builders at Heart

By nature, I’m a community builder and this philosophy is built into everything that our team does. Community to us is how we engage with our clients, partners and friends to be vibrant contributors. Where do our newcomers belong and how can we invite them into our amazing circles? Our first task is a personal introduction. Here is where you’ll find us:

  • Rotary Club of Collingwood South Georgian Bay
  • Collingwood Art Crawl
  • Rotary 4 Kids
  • Collingwood United Soccer
  • Home Horizons
  • Collingwood Enterprise Centre
  • Collingwood Youth Centre
  • Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts
  • Hospice Georgian Triangle
  • Blue Mountain Ski Patrol
  • Manitou Lodge No. 90
  • Bruce Trail Conservancy
  • Georgian Triangle Humane Society
  • Easter Seals - Sending Kids to Camp

Energy Star Rating

Success flows where our energy goes. With focus, determination and connection we put all our energy into delivering exceptional experiences for our clients. The Scholte ExperienceTM will lead you home. We are vivacious learners and create opportunities and deliver ongoing training and support to our clients and to our team members. We are able to meet you where you need us most with the best tools and the right skills to get the job done. We take action, listen to ensure we understand how to serve you best and we communicate every step of the way. We’re in this together and want to offer our absolute best.

Our Guiding Principles

We zip around every day with a keen sense of purpose!

  • Our team works diligently to sell your home, help find a home, a recreational property or investment properties and address your mortgage financing needs. With our business philosophy it really doesn’t start or stop there. We are present with our clients for many years and create long lasting relationships.

Our future’s so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades!

  • As a team we are striving to create and sustain purposeful, reciprocal and long lasting relationships with our clients, families, friends, co-workers, community partners and business-to-business partners.  We give more referrals than we could ever get. This makes our business attractive and supports the vibrancy in our community.  YOU are part of spreading the word and growing our team. We appreciate that you pass our names along and we are truly grateful. By providing unsurpassed professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and innovative service to our clients, they keep coming back.

Our team is value driven!

  • We strive to be an attractive business that is productive, enthusiastic, passionate, competent, innovative and inspired. Our team is committed to you with a high level of integrity and indomitable spirits.

How do we measure up?

  • As a team we believe that our real estate success is a measurement of our contribution to our clients lives and to our community.
  • We acknowledge that without challenges there is no growth, we welcome the character building experiences and the opportunities to be productive outside of the normal real estate box. As you begin working with our team you will notice that not only are we committed to you, we also stand behind each other, set audacious goals, persevere together and set each other up for success each and every day.
  • It’s exciting to have confidence that the choices we make today affect the possibilities and opportunities of tomorrow. We take ACTION.
  • When life asks if we’re ready? We all say a resounding YES!