Dressing Your Home for Success

We all love coming home to a comfortable place where we can kick off our shoes, let go of the day and rejuvenate. Sound familiar? Our clients, on the other hand, have a different agenda. Buyers are making a decision often when they pull in the driveway, walk in the front door and head for the kitchen. Their brain is firing questions like: how can we park 2 cars, where can I hang up my coat, how will my friends feel when they visit, can I see my kids in the backyard and how will I know they are getting along, will my family want to visit, will my T.V. fit and so the story continues. Don’t fret, there is a solution! There are key elements to making your space answer all the questions that buyers have by staging for a successful buying experience. Buyers have come to expect that the sellers will create an inviting experience for them. We do just that. Staging is part of every plan we have and often it is included in our services. We have staging items that will get us started and will add the loving feeling that your potential buyers will appreciate.

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Jen Scholte | Certified Staging Professional (CSP)