Why Buy With Us

Doesn’t it feel great when your investment is performing really well in the background while you are out living life and doing the things that are important to you each day? Well, we feel the same way! We know that your home will likely be the greatest financial investment you'll ever make. It’s a huge responsibility and requires the right attention to detail. Our commitment to you is to provide the information and opportunities you need to make an educated sound decision. We can take care of sharing the details so you can concentrate on finding a home that feels just right. Together we’ll find the best property for you and you’ll know it when you walk through that door!


Right-Sizing is the new down-sizing. Our focus is on finding the right size of the property in the most desirable location at the best price! Sound intriguing? This may be partial retirement, an interim move to the area with a plan for a permanent move down the road, retirement to a seniors building or condo (which we do exceptionally well!) This type of move tends to work well for our clients who are 60+ or our seniors who are 80+. Two very different niches with specific needs that we are happy to address.


Investors come in many shapes and forms. Some of our clients buy property every couple of years and focus on building an empire, others are looking for partial use and partial investment to cover their costs. We deal with short term accommodation at Blue Mountain, the licensing requirements and property management necessary to make the investment a success. We have the skills to educate you, work with your goals and meet your expectations with the many different investment strategies our area offers.

First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers are in for a treat! We will show you every step of the way, get your financing organized, help you choose the best location and we’ll negotiate to get the best property we can in your price range. We love it when you are active and engaged in the process. This is a team effort and together we’ll make it happen. You will be a homeowner!

Family Homes and Neighbourhoods

Family Homes and Neighbourhoods are where community happens. It takes a village to raise a child and we recognize you need to find a place where you belong. Great parks, close to schools, easy access to amenities and the right amount of space for everyone in your family. We also respect your time and know that with the limited time you have we need to be precise and laser-focused. Often our families are buying and selling so we have a few moving parts that need to be done in sync. This is where our strategy and a great plan take the trial out of the equation to make room for triumph. It is so satisfying when your family settles into your new reality, creates new dreams and has a fresh start.

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